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WebCTRL is a building automation system, offering an intuitive user interface and powerful control features. It enables you to access your BAS from anywhere in the world using various devices. The program includes features such as Thermographic Color Floor Plans, Hierarchical and Group Scheduling, Logging/Reporting and monitoring and storing your energy usage data.

What's new in version 6.0

1. Multi-Browser and Tablet Support
- Multi-Browser support is offered in both desktop and mobile environments, so system operators can use their favorite browser to surf WebCTRL from the convenience of a tablet (iOS, Android and Windows).
2. Trend Display
- Diagnosing building performance issues becomes even easier with the trend display.
3. Alarm Management
- Alarms can now be managed more easily thanks to a simplified user interface! The most recent alarm
is now displayed at the top of the screen and system operators can select multiple alarms to
acknowledge, delete or force-to-normal. WebCTRL v6 can also make it easy to scroll backwards and
forwards through 50 alarms currently displayed. Alarms can now be more easily filtered by date and
can be viewed in Time-lapse mode and expanded with just a single click.
4. WebCTRL Security
- Several security enhancements have been added to WebCTRL v6, providing our customers with one of
the most secure BAS Web servers on the market today! Apache Tomcat web server has been upgraded to version v7.0.30 and the web server can be upgraded independent of WebCTRL should this be necessary to comply with corporate IT policy. Java application has been upgraded to Java v7.
5. DHCP Addressing
- DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) addressing is now offered for those customers whose IT personnel prefer to assign IP addresses using DHCP.
6. WebCTRL Add-ons
- WebCTRL v6 (WC500 and WC) now includes the advanced Enterprise Integration option, enabling all facility managers to benefit from add-on’s like EnergyReports, ZoneHistory and Weather.
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